Sacred Day Ceremonies > Comments From Couples

Many couples have expressed their heartfelt appreciation for my work. Following are some of their treasured comments:


“We are so happy to be connected with you. I could not have been any happier with the ceremony. Your words were so moving and your contribution brought something very special to the evening that we are both grateful for.”


“Thank you for being so thoughtful. It was nice having you for our special day, a day we will always remember.”

“You can be assured that we will refer people to you with our highest recommendation.”


“We are STILL gleaming with joy and laughter from our wedding. Thank you for being so central to its success and festive heart-felt “delivery”. We feel very fortunate that you were able to be there. My mom says that those she has spoken with who were there have a “lilt” in their voice.”

“Steph and I just wanted to take this time to thank you again for everything that you did for us. Thank you for making our special day a memorable one. I am glad that you’re officiating weddings. You’re so great at it, and definitely see it as a calling for you! God Bless!”


“I just re-read the ceremony and it is wonderful! It is personal and meaningful and I will probably be crying throughout!”

“Thank you so much for your part in our celebration of marriage. You allowed us the freedom to express our love just as we wanted.”


“It was great to meet you. We both feel a lot more at ease knowing that our ceremony will be in good hands.”

“For making our wedding day so personal and lovely and for celebrating with us on Saturday, we thank you.

“Thank you so much for really immersing yourself in our ceremony. We feel we’ve made a wonderful new friend and hope our paths will cross again soon.”

“Thank you hardly seems like enough for playing such an important role in our special evening…but thank you so much! It was such a beautiful ceremony, exactly what we wanted! We really appreciate your time, insight and spontaneity.”


“When I asked everyone what their favorite part of the wedding was, they said ‘the ceremony’.”