Sacred Day Ceremonies > Creating Your Ceremony

When you choose me to officiate, I will provide you with a planning kit that provides ceremonial examples and components. Usually, in three meetings we can create the ceremony that works for you.

I encourage couples to pick and choose or cut and paste to create just the right effect. You will be guided throughout the process. The synergy between us often brings about new ideas which add to your unique ceremony.


Special Touches
Ceremonies usually include some basic components. Music, poetry, whimsy and cultural traditions make the experience rich and heart warming.

Asking friends and family members to participate is encouraged, regardless of the size of your guest list.


Ceremonies can be almost anywhere! I have performed ceremonies in Woodland Park Zoo, Larkspur Farm, the Smith Tower Chinese Room, backyards, parks, vineyards, homes, restaurants, country clubs and at a wilderness center to name a few.